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– Februar 2022 –

personal text about when the war in ukraine broke out in relation to the comics i make, for they are humorous and a war is not.

weird. strange.

this whole week i was at home. sick. at the beginning of the week i was just watching animes or youtube videos because i didn’t feel like i could do anything else as i wasn’t feeling fit physically.

then on thursday the news hit that war broke out.

attacks. crying. people died. people fleeing. a lot.

the threat putin put out if other countries help the ukraine.

it’s weird. you don’t know what’s in putin’s mind. how far he will go. what’s just theory and rhetoric and what will turn into practice. you don’t know what size this war might grow into.

it felt shocking to see all this.

in all this i really asked myself why i should even continue to post comics. funny comics. (at least some of them are.)

“funny” and “war” doesn’t fit together.

i thought about art and why we even make art.

what’s the point of art even?

why art?

art, why are you?


i thought about this for a while.

then i came to the conclusion with the following thought that entered my mind:

“art helps us to breathe”.

i wrote this into my notebook.

hence the picture.

we need art.

we need music. we need singing. we need dancing. we need writing. we need drawing. (and yes, we also need humor.)

especially when bad things happen, when times are rough, WE NEED art.

art helps ease a situation.

art helps comfort us.

art helps encourage us.

art helps strengthen us.

art helps inspire us.

art helps heal us.

art helps bring light.

art helps us feel.

art helps us understand.

art helps us think.

art helps process things.

art is food for the soul.

we need to feed our bodies,

and we need to feed our souls.

otherwise the soul stays hungry.

and a soul that stays hungry is getting sick.

we need art. we need beauty. it helps keep us healthy.

so i will keep making comics.

i will keep making art.

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